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Accessories I Like by Shreyas
14 February, 2010, 8:16 am
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Hi friends! Sorry about the late post—Elizabeth and I started our Valentine’s Day festivities a little early.

On to the meat, though. Here are a couple of pieces from Sundance, which tends to focus on women’s gear as a general rule, but occasionally has a cool piece for men in an unusual stone. If the handmade look or the cowboy aesthetic appeal to you, Sundance is for you.

See what I mean? I like the big looped clasp on this, it’s kind of a cool reference to a lasso. The thoughtful combination of metal and leather gives you a little more flexibility when pairing this with other pieces, too. Given how massive this is, however, I’d suggest wearing it with a pendant and a fancy belt, at most. Adding a lot of stuff to your hands will make them look feminine.

This is the sort of thing I really like Sundance for: bold rings with unusual stones. Since this particular stone is opaque and unfaceted, it comes off as an interesting panel of color rather than a huge piece of bling.

Here’s a piece from Novica, a site that collects interesting objects from artisans across the globe (realistically, mostly Southeast Asia, South America, and Africa). I love the contrasting textures on this ring. Since it’s not particularly large, a viewer will have to be fairly close to get its full effect; from a distance it’ll work like any other silver band.

And here’s a great houndstooth fedora on sale at Nordstrom. The yellow detail on the hat band adds a bit of levity and versatility—the added color means it’ll tie into colorful outfits more easily—and it’s got a nice narrow brim that isn’t so small as to look disproportionate.

That’s it for today! See us on Tuesday for a serious rundown on putting together an outfit. Also, Elizabeth and I will be at Dreamation next week, so come by and say hello if you’re there!


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Not even The Doctor could look good in that hat. It’s hard to wear a fedora anyway, but that one…yeesh. And even if you were someone who looked good in a narrow-brim fedora (a far smaller group than the number of people who actually wear narrow-brim fedoras, unfortunately), what could you wear that with?

I guess what I’m really asking is for some context for some of these accessories; a ring or a watch or a belt, sure, okay, not a lot of extra information required to figure out whether it looks appealing or not. But some of these things seem pretty outfit-dependent, stuff you can’t just wear with anything, and it’d be nice to get some pointers for those. Like, what “goes with” a houndstooth pattern like that?

Comment by Vortigaunt

Hi Vortigaunt!

Which Doctor are you talking about, #10? I think the Doctor would look silly in that hat, but Tennant could pull it off, because an outfit that works with the hat wouldn’t be Doctor style. Tennant’s character is really well-dressed to be sure, but he is deliberately low-fuss; his suits fit perfectly but they’re rumpled and he wears them with sneakers. I think this hat’s a little too dandy to blend with that aesthetic.

As for pairing that hat, I’d wear it with a black or grey outer layer (jacket, sweater, cardigan, whatever) to go with the colors in the pattern, and veer toward warm, pale colors for your shirt layer. Maybe cream would be nice, or you could be quite daring and wear it with lavender.

Alternatively, you could wear a creamy vest with a dark shirt; either way, the idea is to keep the dark color dominant.

I’ll try and put together an outfit with the hat in it for Tuesday’s post, too.

Comment by Shreyas

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