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Products I Like: My Style by Shreyas
24 January, 2010, 12:08 pm
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Here are some things that I like. I don’t own any of them, but if I did I’d wear them.

Levi’s Authentics in Dusk, Straight Leg

These are the sort of jeans I wear every day: A little slouchy, but not too wide in the leg, in an unsaturated wash. The subdued color doesn’t take too much upkeep, and it frees me to wear more daringly colored tops.

Guess Byron Shirt

I like this shirt a lot. It’s not too fitted around the waist, so it’ll still fit all right if I gain a few pounds, but it’s cut slim overall, and has a nice vertical detail, which adds a nice height and deemphasizes the stomach area (since the line is straight, the eye will just skim along it rather than pausing in the middle). I like the subtle sheen of the fabric and the glossy detail, which add richness.

Express Half-Zip Sweater

I own a couple of half-zip sewaters in this style; the mock turtleneck effect adds presence to my shoulders. I particularly like the color of this one and the details on the sleeve and wrists—again, drawing the eye to my arms (which are nice) rather than my middle (which is squishy).

The North Face ‘Nimble’ Jacket

By now I think you get the drift. For outerwear like this jacket, I prefer grays, so I can freely layer colors underneath with relative impunity. Notice the shoulder and side details.

You can see that, simply by following my style rules, these garments all fall together into an outfit effortlessly. Neat, right? See you on Tuesday!


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